April 19, 2021

📝Jesus' Mission📚

Jesus establishes God’s kingdom which comes to make all things right. Jesus himself gives his disciples this same kingdom. We have the same mission as he; to seek out the lost. This is the mission the Pharisees should have been doing. They kept out the lost due to their own traditions and harsh judgments. Church folk have been doing the same. They keep people outside of their “holy-huddles” in order to keep their traditions, their purity, and their sacred places clean. However, we have been given the “shepherd-ship” of the kingdom; to feed the sheep, to tend and care for the sick and wounded, to seek out those who are lost and reconcile them back to God.

An expert from chapter 2 of my book, “The Lost Son: To Seek and Save the Lost“ Available in Kindle and paperback: The Lost Son: To Seek and Save the Lost