📝Light: A Poem

Light particles like stars in the grass
Between the stripes of trees
As the morning rays brightens
My lashes
Like fly's wings
My breath fogs the window


📝You’re In The Silence: A Poem

No one’s here
But You and me
You’re in the silence

I’m deaf to the silence
The hum of the world
Rings in my ears

Hides the silence
The mind is distracted
The silence just beyond

You are there waiting
In silence calling
Drawing me ever near

Inch by inch
Millimeter by little millimeter
Till I reach silence

I and You
You and I


📝Two Ways: A Poem

Oh Heavens sing
Oh Earth sway
Two paths before us lay

Blessing of Life
Curse of Death
Choose Life and walk the Way

Abide, trust, love
Lord of Lights
Live ever the New Day


Uncle Herb - A Poem 📝

I wish I'd grow thick fur
In the months of cold weather
But not like Uncle Herb
Who's back hair is like a sweater

Having fur in the summer
It would be no fun
Uncle herb says it’s a bummer
Having hot hair in the sun,